Friday, July 22, 2011

What am I gonna do?

I've been thinking about this a lot in the last few weeks.  I have quite a few hobbies and interests that cover a wide range of things,  and I imagine I might hit any or all of them as time goes by.  In no particular order and maybe - no, almost certainly - there will be some cross-pollination - 

  • Quilting & long-arming (except this is #1 for sure)
  • Beading
  • Great books I've read or movies I've seen, TV shows I love
  • Politics
  • My UU fellowship, service and community involvement
  • UFO's & UFO'lgy
  • Selling stuff on ebay and Etsy as AdornItAll - mostly de-stashing
  • A little humor 
  • Hopefully a little travel (next up:  Maine in August to quilt with a bunch of UU women!)
  • Current events 
and last but not least, 
  • Empty nesting, my beautiful daughter, and my wonderful pets
and whatever else stikes my fancy.   So maybe this will be of interest, maybe just for me, but I've decided to give it a whirl.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear you, Sincerely, me

Sometimes we just need a little giggle,  these came to me today:
Dear Noah, 
We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5. 
Dear Twilight fans, 
Please realize that because vampires are dead and have no blood pumping through them, they can never get an erection. Enjoy fantasizing about that. 
Dear Icebergs, 
Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's a bitch. 
The Titanic 
Dear America , 
You produced Miley Cyrus. Bieber is your punishment. 
Dear Yahoo, 
I've never heard anyone say, "I don't know, let's Yahoo! it..." just saying... 
Dear 2010, 
So I hear the best rapper is white and the president is black? WTF happened?! 
Dear girls who have been dumped, 
There are plenty of fish in the sea... Just kidding! They're all dead. 
Dear Saturn, 
I liked it, so I put a ring on it. 
Dear jf;ldsfa/kvsmmklnn, 
Please lknvfdmv.xvn. 
Stevie Wonder
Dear Skin-Colored Band Aids, 
Please make one for every skin color. 
Black people 

Dear Scissors, 
I feel your one wants to run with me either. 
Sarah Palin
Dear Osama Bin Laden, 
United States 
Dear World of Warcraft, 
Thank you for ensuring my son's virginity. 
Parents Everywhere
Dear Batman, 
What was your power again? 
Dear Customers, 
Yes, we ARE making fun of you in Vietnamese. 
Nail Salon Ladies 
Dear Ugly People, 
You're welcome. 
Dear World, 
Please stop freaking out about 2012. Our calendars end there because some Spanish d-bags invaded our country and we got a little busy ok? 
The Mayans 
Dear White People, 
Don't you just hate immigrants? 
Native Americans 

Dear iPhone, 
Please stop spell checking all of my rude words into nice words. You piece of shut. Sincerely, 
Every iPhone User
Dear Trash, 
At least you get picked up... 
The Girls of Jersey Shore
Dear Man, 
It's cute, but can you pick up peanuts with it? 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Community living certainly needs some rules but my condo board rules with a heavy hand - five despots ruling the lives of residents in just in 36 homes.   They make rules and laws and tell us about it later because "we elected them".   I think I will run next time a vacancy appears.

Each home has a small garden that is shrubbed and we are encouraged to plant a few flowers to make ours unique.   Mine was so heavily shrubbed that I couldn't plant anything until this year when a shrub died right out front (strangled no doubt).   We can plant on our patios or decks however,  and I have tried for 4 years in giant pots - tomatos, peppers, herbs, flowers - to no avail - but it is north, in the shade of a forest, dark and gloomy and nothing would grow.  

Nevertheless I persisted.  I got a little pot of three tomato plant-lets this year,  ever hopeful, and when I went to plant, realized I have this beautiful spot, right out in front.   Hmmm,   I carefully separated them and planted one out front, the other two in pots on the patio where one promptly died.    

Yesterday I took these pix - they look the same but the one out front is up to my nose (today! chin yesterday!) and the one in the pot - that is 12" high itself - is about 18" high at most.   Many flowers on the big one,  nothing started on the patio pot.   

The cage really isn't needed for the patio pot:

There is a cage hidden here and it was ok for a while but then I had to go back to the big box store and get some sturdy stakes to hold the cage and plant:

(Notice the camo flowers I planted so "they" wouldn't notice my tomato!)

So I'm thinking "they" will just come around and tear it out sometime when I'm not home, because it is not of course a pretty ornamental but inedible flower.   

Then "they" will make a new rule about what we can plant out front.    Then "they" will tell us the new rule.