Saturday, July 16, 2011


Community living certainly needs some rules but my condo board rules with a heavy hand - five despots ruling the lives of residents in just in 36 homes.   They make rules and laws and tell us about it later because "we elected them".   I think I will run next time a vacancy appears.

Each home has a small garden that is shrubbed and we are encouraged to plant a few flowers to make ours unique.   Mine was so heavily shrubbed that I couldn't plant anything until this year when a shrub died right out front (strangled no doubt).   We can plant on our patios or decks however,  and I have tried for 4 years in giant pots - tomatos, peppers, herbs, flowers - to no avail - but it is north, in the shade of a forest, dark and gloomy and nothing would grow.  

Nevertheless I persisted.  I got a little pot of three tomato plant-lets this year,  ever hopeful, and when I went to plant, realized I have this beautiful spot, right out in front.   Hmmm,   I carefully separated them and planted one out front, the other two in pots on the patio where one promptly died.    

Yesterday I took these pix - they look the same but the one out front is up to my nose (today! chin yesterday!) and the one in the pot - that is 12" high itself - is about 18" high at most.   Many flowers on the big one,  nothing started on the patio pot.   

The cage really isn't needed for the patio pot:

There is a cage hidden here and it was ok for a while but then I had to go back to the big box store and get some sturdy stakes to hold the cage and plant:

(Notice the camo flowers I planted so "they" wouldn't notice my tomato!)

So I'm thinking "they" will just come around and tear it out sometime when I'm not home, because it is not of course a pretty ornamental but inedible flower.   

Then "they" will make a new rule about what we can plant out front.    Then "they" will tell us the new rule.   

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