Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red! It's HOT!

It was stinkin' hot in the garage on Saturday, even with the door open and a fan blasting warm air on me, and I think I'll retain that memory whenever I sit down at the new table on my Bebe  (thanks Pat for the name inspiration).   

Kiva approves,  she checked it over.   

The table was my best (favorite) purchase at the Hershey Quilt Show last weekend, but I must admit to having purchased some fabric. . .  

Pretty aren't they.   No particular plans but wow, what a surprise this confession will be, I got a little carried away. . .

So I'm taking the pledge.   The idea is to send out more fabric than I take in,  I certainly have enough to last a lifetime right now, and I have no excuse for buying any more other than that they are JUST SO PRETTY.   I counted this little batch up,  it's 9.5 yards (yikes, that hurts).  

I will do this for the rest of the year, thankfully I'll have a dozen Quits For Kids going out later this year from my own stash (plus the 12 kit quilts).   Of course one goal for the stash quilts is to help me de-stash while doing some good, and at about 4 yards each, that makes a nice dent.  OK, another confession, I did buy a little - not much - fabric to work with the kid prints I had on hand.  Really, not much at all.  Yes, really.

Scorecard on the Quilts for Kids - one more bound and now 6 are done.  I'm now getting ready for the sew-in on Saturday - 5 friends will be here to work on the kits.   Should be fun.  I'm planning a second sew-in for September in case there is still a lot to do after Saturday and so the friends unable to participate this time might have another chance.   See, I'm thinking people are anxious to help!   And why not. 


  1. VERY pretty! Wish I were available to attend the sew-in. Both dates are already committed, though.

  2. Oh Nancy, I knew you would want to help - sorry neither date works for you. You'd be a great quilt-fairy!