Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sewing cats

I had a conversation with some friends last night about the funny things our cats do.   I told how I sew a lot, and Stella wants to help me.   She has a fuzzy mousie, that looks like it might be a baby to her based on its coloration, that she carries around.   Often when I'm stitching away she jumps up and drops the mouse right on the sewing machine, just by the needle.  As if she wants me to stitch it into the quilt,  or maybe she just wants me to play.   So I give in, toss the mouse - and she fetches it back.   We can do this forever, if up to her.   I call a halt after about 6 tosses.   

I ran across a blog that is having a contest where people are voting for their favorite "pets  and quilts" and although I'm coming late to the contest, it just prompted me to collect up a few recent pix of my two kitties and their quilting/fabric obsession.  

First,  the baby, Kiva,  snug in my stash.  Somehow she managed to stuff herself in this small space.   Cozy.

and this of course piqued Stella's curiousity:

who promptly informed Kiva that she was in charge,  and so Stella took her rightful place.  Honest, this happened all within about 5 minutes. 

Stella really liked the Fishies quilt I was whipping up for my Quilts For Kids project


and here Kiva is clearly telling me she wants to be boss of this Fishies quilt.  

I found this too late for voting (prizes!) but was still inspired to share these pix.  


  1. I love calicoes and torties! Stella and Kiva are a couple of beauties. My cats don't help me sew, but Tabbitha is my chief quilt "inspector" when I have one arranged on the floor prior to sewing blocks together. Her rearrangements are not, however, appreciated!

  2. I'm so glad that you posted those pictures. They are so cute. I don't have any pets of my own, but love to see other's quilt inspectors.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. If you ever have to find a new home for Bebe, I'm your target! Don't want the cats, hope they don't have to come as a set... WHERE did ou find the table???