Sunday, September 25, 2011

A wedding and QFK update

Too long between posts.   What a month of amazing connections.  I'll just hit the high points, one or two at a time.   

David and Jeff ran off to New York just about a month ago to marry!   They hadn't told a soul other than Jeff's parents who went as witnesses.   So after I got over my snit about not being invited, I went into quilt planning mode and knew that was the reason I got that nice pile of fabrics at the Hershey quilt show.   So I wanted to get it done fast and having cruised some great blogs lately, decided to do the 36-patch quilts that seem to be all the rage.  

Flimsy finished on Saturday morning.   I often leave off a border but this one demanded a border so I dug through the stash and came up with a perfect Kaffe outer border, with a Brandon skinny frame.  Yum, perfect. 

Wow, it looks greenish in the pic,  but it's not, it's more gold and pink - blaming the light in my room.  It's a flimsy now but I'll get it on the frame soon.  I'm not worried about them seeing it since I know they are the last two people not on FaceBook and they don't read my blog.   So it will be a surprise.   I'll take a better pic once it is quilted.  I love surprises. 

The count for the Quilts for Kids is moving right along.   This is my priority now since my goal is mid October.  We'll see.  The service at BuxMont is Oct 16 and I'll bring a few to show but that date is my goal but no real problem if I miss it by a few weeks.   Come to the service to hear about all the CareShare projects - what did the recipients do with their $100 grant to do some good in their community. 
  • Complete and quilted - 15
  • Tops I have to quilt - 8
  • Kits to piece - 3  (not started) 
So that would be actually more than the 24 goal!   Pat was great and made an "extra" from her stash too, thanks Pat and yes, I'm counting it. 

It was nice to take a little break from these to do something different, so the David/Jeff quilt (it will need a name!) was therapy for me too.   

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